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Thank you for your interest in having me speak at your upcoming event.

I’m Precious - Author, Meditation Instructor, and Self-Care Coach.

I speak from her heart to empower women to walk the path of self-care, deep self-awareness and authentic expression. I truly believe when a women finds true mind, body and spirit nourishment she is not only an asset to herself but to those in her circle and community. It is my mission to help women to go beyond the surface and take on self-care practices that are not only sustainable but one’s that lead her to the life she truly desires and deserves.

If this mission is a great fit for you audience, book me to speak but completing the speaker request form below.

I look forward to serving you at your upcoming event!

Speaking topics:

3 Simple and Effective Ways to use Affirmations

How using affirmations everyday will change your life

3 Morning Rituals for More Peace, Purpose and Productivity each day

‘Doing the Work’ to get the freedom and inner peace self-care practices promise

10 Self-Care Hacks that will Change the Way you Show up for Yourself and the World

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