Top Places in ATL to Reset Post Holiday Fun

I remember when I was a complete health nut I would skip out on some pretty fun holiday times. I was so determined not to throw away my wellness and #bodygoals that I'd either forgo holiday events all together or I'd be the girl bringing healthy alternatives to the party.  Funny enough, as much as I would try to resist the holiday food, I would find myself grabbing  a cocktail here, having a corner of mac & cheese there, a piece of cake here and there.  Afterwards I would feel totally guilty. In an attempt to erase all that I had consumed, I would rush to the gym the next day to give my body a nice beat-down.

Somewhere along the way I realized how "unhealthy" that cycle was.  These days I don't nearly hold such strict eating habits.   While I am still very health conscious, I realized that being so restrictive is counterproductive and way too exhausting.  I've also come to learn that true freedom lies in "balance".

Having said that, as the holidays approach us, I hope you truly enjoy yourself…the food, the festivities, the family and the fun! And, in case you want to do a quick reset post holiday fun, I wanted to give you some places in ATL to visit.

Sevananda Natural Food Market

Sevananda is one of Atlanta's greatest gems.  It's a cooperative natural food market that has been around since the 70's.   Being the only one of its kind,  Sevananda is highly sought after by locals in the community, elders, celebrities and everyone in between.  When I first moved to ATL (almost 2 years ago) I got a job at Sevananda and fell in love.  I absolutely love everything about Sev - the vibe, the passionate staff,  the community support and the customer service really.  Sevananda is definitely one of my top recommended places to go to  get help with resetting.

In terms of reset products, I recommend Universal Mind.  Universal Mind is an African Herbal Root tonic that will literally flush your whole system - your colon, blood, liver, and more.  Not only does it help rid your body of toxins, it also helps build your immune system, removes intestinal parasites, helps with blemishes and more.

Let me warn you though - this drink is the most disgusting drink you'll ever have in your whole entire life.  NO LIE! However and despite the fact that it doesn't taste good, it is one of the best cleanse products out.  It's definitely perfect for a post holiday reset and if you want you can include it as part of your seasonal cleanse regimen.

Address: 467 Moreland Ave Atlanta, GA 30307

Hours: Monday - Sunday  8am to 10pm

Cost: Universal Mind is roughly $28 for the 8oz bottle and $50 or the 16oz bottle

Alternative: If you want a more gentle cleanse try the Herb Sistah's Sarasparilla Cleanse

Contact: 404-681-283

JeJu Spa

Jeju is an amazing for reset and relaxation.  They have like 8 different saunas/steam rooms - Pink Himalayan, charcoal, and baked clay to name a few.  The various rooms have different temperatures to suit guests and the walls are decorated with different woods, minerals, crystals, stones, and metals. They also have a food court and offer services such as vaginal steaming and massage therapy.

Now I have to admit, the first time I went to JeJu I was a little weirded  out.  I wasn't prepared for all of the naked booties and cootie cats (yes vaginas lol) roaming around.  When I hear spa, I always think "robes" and so when I walked into "gym locker room x 10" level of nakedness I caught a little off guard.  Just thought I'd throw that out there so you know what to expect when you go :).  Of course, after a little while, I got over that and was able to settle into my experience.  I must say, it was a GREAT one!

Address: 3555 Gwinnett Place Drive  Duluth, GA 30096

Hours: 24/7 and even on holidays (no, they never close!)

Cost: Varies, but entry for 12-64 years old is $25

Contact:  678-336-7414

Clean Start HoListic Cleansing Center

I recently visited Clean Start for a foot detox and it was AMAZING!  Well it actually is kinda gross watching all the toxins from your body float around in the water lol, but it is pretty cool knowing that you're releasing the junk.  Foot detoxing is just one of the many "reset/cleanse" services that Clean Start offers but if you want something simple and straight to the point, this is your way to go.

Address: 1830 Piedmont Ave NE Ste E. Atlanta, GA 30324

Hours:  Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm / Sat 10am – 5pm

Cost:  $35 per session for foot detox (you may be able to find a Groupon for this as well)

Contact: 404.733.0098

Tired Soles

I assume that you've been hitting the city hard this past weekend, considering that there were tons of festivals, fares, and parties happening.  If this is the case, your feet could probably use a little TLC...and I suggest Tired Soles for a good foot massage.  Now I haven't tried  them myself yet, but they're certainly on my list.  I do have several friends who have gotten the foot massage service from Tired Soles and they all say it's heavenly.  Actually one of their exact words was "when you're done you feel like you're walking on pillows".  When I heard that, I was sold!

Address: 514 Flat Shoals Ave, Atlanta, GA 30316

Hours:  Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm / Sat 10am – 5pm

Cost: 30 minutes - $30 / 60 minutes  - $40

Contact: (404) 419-6494


Last but not least is Atmasphere.  Atmasphere has amazing meditation and yoga classes to help you bring in more balance and awareness.  Atmasphere just isn't your typical meditation or yoga experience though.  The venue is serene, yet super trendy and the classes are like none other that I have taken before.  If I could sum the Atmasphere up in a few words it would be  "transformative, innovative, restorative, unique and fun".

The ATMA | RESTORE class is perfect for a post holiday reset.  This class starts with foundational based flow followed by a series of Yin and Restorative work to help you release and relax. The class ends with 10 minutes of guided meditation to help you feel completely transformed.    

Address: 3097 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Hours:  Earliest class is at 6am and the latest is 7:30pm

Cost: Varies, but first class is usually free.

Contact: (678) 718-2126

Before you go, one last thing...

I don't share this post to urge you to cleanse after holiday fun.  I want to be clear that I am not promoting a binge and then detox lifestyle.  I've been there before and it's no fun living in the space where you feel so guilty for having a good time that you beat yourself up about it.

I share this to give you some healthy ways to reset and also to encourage you to incorporate some of these practices as part of your daily and life-long wellness routine.

If you give any of these spots a try tell them I sent ya :) and definitely let me know how it goes. If you've been to any of these places before, share your experience in the comments below.

Precious Frazier