Ground Yourself Daily With These Simple Yoga Poses

I write todays post out of the desire to share ways women, such as yourself, can find more balance and connectedness.

Why?  Because the more centered and connected you are, the more ease and flow we get to experience. And the more ease and flow you experience, the more fluid your ideas, the more energy we can give to your dreams and the more space you have to manifest your hearts deepest desires.

While I am personally an extremely hard worker, I don't believe (and have come to learn) that not all things come from "doing, forcing, pushing, and working".

The funny thing is, the more that I speak with women who have bought into the "hustle hard dogma" the more I hear those same women - and maybe even yourself - longing for ways to invite in less effort and more ease.

So, as I continue to shift my gaze toward the true desires and needs of ambitious women, I learn that it is not more motivation (or even inspiration) that she/you long for.  It is not more tools and tips on how to "kill it in biz" that she/you want. It is not even more training, skills or experience that she/you desire.

What I truly hear you say that you want more opportunities, spaces, and ways to love on, take care of, be kind to, and develop a deeper connection with the 'Self".

Ironically, as I hear such loud call from you - and the many women like you - I feel the same yearning within myself.

The beautiful thing about this reality is this - when we intentionally answer the call to center and ground ourselves, each day, the more we individually and collectively create space to manifest all we desire and deserve in this world.

So, as I've been taking time to ground myself by starting the day with a few yoga poses, I'm sharing 3 simple poses that you can implement as well.

Before I go forward I should note, it's not the yoga poses alone that help create balance and connectedness but your decision to dedicate a moment of your day to self.  Let me also say that I am no yoga guru.  Of course there are yogi's who kill it in the 'yoga space', however, I share from the seat of my personal experience and with the intention of providing fun and simple ways that you can answer the call of "self-care". 

Without further due....


If you know what the "downward dog" pose is supposed to look like you can clearly see that I am still working on my flexibility with this one. lol  I still find this pose to be one of the easier yoga poses and I love that it's perfect for newbies or beginners.  In her article on, Gwen Lawrence tells how when done properly and consistently, downward dog helps strengthen the hands, wrists, low-back, hamstrings, calves and Achilles tendon.  She also shares that downward dog helps with postural needs, imbalance and more.  If you want to really put this pose to use, I def suggest you check out her full article here.

Yoga Pose 2 - CHILD’S POSE

Child's pose is one that I love because it is literally considered a restful pose.  It is so simple that anyone from ages 1-100 can do this pose.  This pose helps open the hips and thighs, calms the brain and helps relieve stress and fatigue.  When I really want to practice relaxation and kindness, I like to get into child's pose, do some deep breathing and say a prayer or few  affirmations.  Want to give this pose a whirl?  Learn more about how to practice it here.


Okay, I love chair pose because even though it's pretty a simple pose, it does present a little bit of challenge.  Sitting in a chair can seem pretty simple but sitting in an imaginary chair is another story lol.  In terms of benefits, chair pose is very grounding pose and it helps strengthen the spine, abs, quads, torso and more.  If you're looking for a little bit of a challenge, this pose is your "girl".  Learn more about how to practice it here.

Whether you plan to take a few moments each day to practice  these yoga poses or to simply do nothing, I encourage you to honor the times that call you to rest.  Trust that as you do so you'll have more of what you need to plunge forward to complete your next project or task.

Plan to give any of these poses a try?  If so, tag me in your pics or message me to let me know how it goes for you.

Precious Frazier