9 Dope Wellness Books Every Beginner Should Read

When I started my wellness journey I didn't know where to turn for information.  I remember going to Barnes and Nobles, looking at the nutrition/self-help books and just feeling lost.  At the time I didn't know there were over 100 dietary theories but as I was thumbing through what seemed like 10,000 books, I quickly learned. 

Over the years, I've read many nutrition and wellness books  and so I have a good handle on the one's that actually provide good, practical and useful information.  And if you're just getting started with your wellness journey - or even if not - you're in luck! I'm sharing a few of my favorite books below.


I am a huge advocate for cleansing. What you may not realize is that we take in so many toxins each day.  Toxins are very harmful to the body and can lead to every ailment from the common cold to  cancer.  If you ask me cleansing is a necessary part of "glowing up" and living your best life is about giving you body the loving kindness that it needs to thrive.  Because cleansing is one, for sure, way to do that I am sharing 3 of my fave cleansing books that you may want to give a whirl.  Also, I'll be launching my 'There She Glows Group Cleansing Program' - for those who want additional support with their cleanse journey - so and stay tuned!

1. Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life

I absolutely LOVE this book. When I first attempted to cleanse, this book was my best friend.  In it you will find info about the importance of cleansing and instruction on "how to" cleanse the various systems in your body.  It's also full of delicious recipes, supplement recommendations and more.

2. The Juice Bible

Now, if you're really want to kick it up a notch with your juicing/cleansing, you'll love the Juice Bible.  This is literally a book full of delicious juice recipes.  And whether you're looking for an everyday juice recipe, a cleansing juice recipe or a recipe to remedy an ailment, this book has got you covered.

3. The Crazy, Sexy Diet

Kris Carr has come out with several books since this one, but in this particular book she shared how she healed herself from cancer by eating whole, clean and vegan foods.  Not only is her personal story inspiring but the recipes and wealth of information she provides is invaluable.


Okay so a few close to me know that for about 1 -2 years I struggled with overeating and binge eating.  This was during the time when I first started my wellness journey and before I actually hired a wellness coach.  At the time I was working out like crazy, restricting myself from eating anything that would get in the way of my 'abs' and then binge eating  when no one was watching.  Honestly, when I was in the thick of this struggle I never thought my I could free myself from  the grip of overeating....but I did.  And while what I did to finally break free was a lot more than "read a book" I still wanted to share some books that were helpful for me along the way.

4. Brain over Binge

Brain Over Binge is a true gem. The author shares her story and struggles with binge eating and bulimia.  She also talks about how therapy wasn't effective for her and tells how part of the journey to breaking free from binge eating simply requires you to reprogram your brain.  To go further she provides tips on how to do so. If overeating and binge eating is a struggle of yours, I definitely recommend this book.

5. The Slow Down Diet

The Slow Down Diet provides very practical advice on how to find joy at the dinner table and in life.  I love this book because it also includes breathing exercises, journal prompts, and meal plans - which are all geared toward helping you develop a healthy relationship with food.

6. The Mindful Diet

The Mindful Diet is great because it provides practical info and tips on how to heal your relationship with food. It is a guide to being more mindful in a way that leads to overall health and lasting weight loss.


The practice of being more mindful has worked wonders with helping to heal my anxiety and as I've been training to get my meditation teacher certification, I've truly experienced the power of being present and still.  The "Mindful Diet and Slow Down Diet" books that I listed above provide very useful and practical tips for practicing mindfulness, but I also wanted to share a few general mindfulness books as well.

7. The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort & Connection

If you're really looking to find more comfort and joy in your everyday life, this book is for you.  The author talks about the Danish way of being - Hygee ( a feeling of contentment and joy) - and shares ways it can be incorporated into everyday life.    While this book doesn't give practical tips on being more mindful it definitely provides context on how you can incorporate more mindfulness into your day-to-day life.

8. Journey to the Heart 

Journey to the Heart was one of the first daily devotionals I fell in love with.  I swear when I read this book I feel like the words that Melody has written jumps right off of the pages and into my heart lol.   If you're looking for a great devotional that will help you live from your heart and encourage mindfulness, I definitely recommend this book.

Precious Frazier