5 BIG Signs You Need to Ground Yourself + 3 Ways to Get Grounded before the New Year

As the temperatures drop and holiday's are approaching,  it's hard for me to ignore the fact that bundle up season and the New Year is upon us.

While the fall season marks the beginning of the holiday hustle and bustle, it's also a time where the mind, body, and soul naturally seeks reprieve.   It's a time when we're called to reflect on what we need to shift, release or adjust.

This is also the time when our personal needs are seriously trumped by the needs of others and so we miss this natural pull to get grounded.

What generally happens during this time of year is we give of our time, money, energy and selves in a way that leaves us feeling out of wack and all over the place. No bueno!

Of course I am all down for indulging in holiday festivities and fun, but I am also for you having a truly feel good living experience.  So having said, I wanted to share a few ways you can get a jump-start on getting grounded as you move past the holidays and head into the New Year.

FIRST,  check out the video below where I share a few tale-tale signs that you need to ground yourself.

Not up for watching the full video? Here's the quick and dirty of signs you need to get grounded.

  1. You are extremely anxious.

  2. You've become very forgetful

  3. If you have unexplained clumsiness

  4. You have unexplained pain in your body

  5. If you experience extreme emotional highs and lows

If you  are experiencing any of the signs  mentioned OR you simply want to get grounded before heading into the New Year -   here's a few ways you can establish roots .

1. Purge

One of my favorite quotes about fall is "fall is about to show us how beautiful it is to let go".  It's so true.  Most of what we cling to was not meant to be with us forever.  As you are constantly evolving you naturally grow beyond various environments, relationships, ways of being and even clothes.  Yep - clothes too.  I can't tell you how much my style changes from season to season and year to year.  

The point here is to resist clinging to the things that you know need to go.  Fall is the perfect time to purge and if you're going to make room for the busy time ahead or even the blessings of the New Year, I suggest you get to purging.  Take a moment to think about where you need to create more space and what you need to release and then do it!

2. Develop a solid morning routine

How you start the day generally sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go.  With the busyness of the holiday season approaching you definitely want to try to decrease stress and overwhelm.  One way to do that is by having a solid morning routine.  I learned the importance of having a solid morning routine a few years back and haven't looked back since. Each morning I am sure to set my intentions for the day so that I feel at ease before diving into the days tasks.   


Affirmation work wonders when you use them regularly.  I have several different kinds of affirmations that I use but here are one's specifically geared toward getting grounded.

  • I easily adapt to any situation.

  • I stay rooted and grounded, no matter the direction or force of the wind.

  • I am flexible and move through life with effortless ease.

  • I breathe my way into the present moment.

  • I channel my highest self under all circumstances.

  • I allow my mind and body to naturally transform and evolve with the turning of the seasons.

  • My every thought is a direct message from the divine.

  • My love for those around me is unconditional.

  • By nourishing myself, I nourish the universe.

    If you really want to take a deep-dive into using affirmations, I created a video guide:

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And if you've already tried any of the suggestions that I mentioned feel free to share with me in the comments.

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Happy Grounding Season :)

Precious Frazier